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My game my psychology

Scene I: 'R', a 13-year-old Table Tennis Player. R performs much better in practice than during competition. His practice game is flawless, but in competition, his performance is below par. He feels free and loose in practice and then is plagued with doubts or indecision in the competitive arena. Something changes between practice and competition.

Scene II: 'M', a 20-year-old athlete. After an injury, she has physically 100 % recovered, but she can’t perform the way she did pre-injury. She is afraid of re-injury and this causes her to play tentatively. She has lost her confidence and wonders if she can return to previous performance levels pre-injury.

Scene III: 'A', a 15-year-old cricketer- batsman loses focus and has mental lapses during 

critical times of the game. When up to bat while chasing for a higher target, with 4 out and the game unchanging, has pressure to produce runs for his coach, teammates and for himself. He commits simple errors that he wouldn’t normally do in other less threatening situations.

The main reason for such a differential performance levels of the same individual in practice vis-à-vis actual competition is lack of psychological/mental preparation.

My Game My Psychology is a unique bespoke sports psychology program for athletes, coaches, sports’ parents and sports organizations. This program helps in bridging this divide and enables athletes to improve their performances on a sustained and consistent basis.We work with the psychological aspects of the sport. 


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