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Madhuli Kulkarni is a counselor, trainer, and writer. She has been doing comprehensive work in the field of “performance psychology” for more than a decade now. She is a triple postgraduate - MPhil in ‘Sports Psychology’, MS in ‘Counseling Psychology’ and MA in ‘Industrial and Organizational Psychology’. Thus she brings a vast knowledge and experience from various fields of psychology. She believes in continuous learning and updating her knowledge base. 

From the beginning of her career, she has been associated with the leading sports psychologist Mr. Bhishmaraj Bam and a very well-known psychiatrist in India Dr. AnandNadkarni. Under the guidance of Mr. Bam, Madhuli learned both the western and eastern techniques used for performance enhancement. She has assisted Mr. Bam in the development of his book on sports psychology “Winning Habits” and on different projects undertaken by his organization; Purshottam Academy, in sports, education and corporate sectors.

At Dr. AnandNadkarni’s ‘Institute for Psychological Health (IPH)’ she was the pivotal force behind starting a structured sports psychology program named “Mission Excellence”. Her work involved designing the program structure, curriculum, and training material for the program, coordinating and conducting all sports psychology workshops, individual and group counseling sessions, and camps/workshop for players, parents, coaches. Her contribution for Mission Excellence is highly appreciated by Dr. Nadkarni in one of his Marathi (Indian regional Language) Books “Shahanyancha Psychiatrist” (Psychiatrist of sane)

  • In using techniques that are an apt blend of modern (western) psychology with ancient Indian psychological knowledge, thus leading to a far more profound and in-depth impact.
  • In making complex theories and techniques simple to understand, simple to implement and simple to assimilate. 
  • In the holistic approach of mental coaching and not limited to the ‘band – aid’ or ‘SOS’ classroom counseling​
Believe it to make it!

The uniqueness of her program lies

Till now Madhuli has worked with more than 500 players across all levels and disciplines of sports in India and hundreds of Coaches and parents. Some of her players have made it to prestigious levels like Ranji Trophy, Indian Premier League (IPL) in cricket, International and Nationals events in swimming, table tennis, athletics, and badminton. She has been writing articles on topics ranging from youth to psychology, for newspapers, magazines, and websites. The writer of weekly columns “Mind Games” on sports psychology for an English Daily and “JigarVijetyachi” for a Marathi daily. She has also been featured in “The Week” magazine, The Times Of India, The Hindustan Times, leading newspapers in India Euronews, European media, etc.  as an expert.